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Introduction to MoviesCounter

Moviescounter is a website that offers a wide selection of free movies as well as various download options. Among the movie download sites available, Moviescounter is the best and most convenient one for this purpose. Moreover, it is the site that generates the most page views per month. Movie Counter site clearly gathers the latest and most popular movies for the end user. Unlike other sites, Movie Counter is the best place to download movies, as evidenced by the high number of visitors to the site. From a few million visitors, the site has recently grown to 16 million; Google tools search data shows that the number of visitors is higher than ever. However, there is one big difference from other sites: Moviesmarket is a promoter of illegal content, which is prohibited in our country, and that's why the domain name changes so often.

The quality of movies on Moviecounter is excellent thanks to a large number of links on the site. Movies are available in 720p and 1080p FHD resolution and Moviescounter is also licensed by the Indian government. The complete list of most searched contents on Moviescounter is now available in very specific categories, so Moviescounter search is also a site that offers copied contents banned in India.

You can also check out the new Indian movies on the main page of the

The Netflix series What I Can't Tell. Dubbed animated movies, WWE series: every other person in India is a movie buff. No matter what kind of movie - Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, etc. - they are all part of the same movie. In a country where more than 24 languages are spoken, more than 1,800 films are made every year. But time constraints and access to stronger, faster connections have meant that younger generations are making smarter choices: no more queuing, no more booking, no more planning, and organizing. That means they can watch as much or as little as they want, wherever they want. Yes, if your cell phone (handset) is tapped, that's the right answer. A new generation has discovered that mobile screens are much better than 70mm cinema screens.

Digitalization with Moviescounter

The transition to the digital age creates opportunities for business, economic growth, and prosperity for all sectors. However, the concept of on-demand services is a new term in India, making it more beneficial for digital media platforms and those who host media and related content. This new term and concept have created a lot of curiosity among Indians. After some time, it became popular. With the development of other streaming services, more advanced services like Moviesverse, Voot, Netflix, Eros Now, Sony LIV, Viu, and Amazon Prime have emerged.

However, the main advantage of this large media sharing and hosting platforms is that they charge a flat fee for committed content and that content can be accessed at any time, no questions asked. Since these companies offer a wide range of content in different categories, languages, and genres, something has to be done to keep the programs on the air and once the demo is over, the viewer has to pay a fee to continue watching the content. All platforms offer demos that allow viewers to try premium content for free.

Previously used torrents

Meanwhile, torrents are being used by the masses as a reliable source of content not available elsewhere. For those who don't know what a torrent is, it can be interpreted as a piracy platform for downloading all kinds of content from the Internet. Whether it's a high-quality movie or an appendix, these are too expensive to buy over the counter. Webisodes are also a hot topic these days non-movie counting sites are hardly reliable, and these random sites may contain illegal (unauthorized) versions of movies. Users should browse these sites at their own risk. For example, if you go to a site like MovieCounter, you can find hundreds of free, quality movies. In other words, you don't need to pay, just go there and get what you want to watch, download, or stream, all you and MovieCounter need is your presence.

Can I be arrested or fined if I illegally download a movie?

Under the Indian Anti-Piracy Act, it is an offense for anyone to knowingly download a copyrighted movie from Film Counter for free and thereby infringe the copyright or assist another person to do so. The courts have found that in most cases, the person was aware of the copyright infringement because the movie had a watermark or notice indicating that it was a copyrighted work. Under this law, a person convicted of this offense for the first time is liable to imprisonment for six months to three years and a fine of £50,000 to £200,000 (depending on the severity of the offense).


This blog is based solely on Moviescounter reviews and user comments found on sites that offer or promote free movie downloads. Therefore, does not promote or endorse any product or website that distributes or reproduces copyrighted content. However, piracy is considered immoral not only in India but worldwide. Enjoy the new movie in your local cinema and tell us what you think about it on Your opinion is very important to us.


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